Ashley Hudson Puts Women’s Issues First in Short Film, The Camp

The Camp Slateboard Featuring Director Ashley Hudson, and Director of Photography Michael Ciancio

After seven years in the film industry as a stuntwoman and actress, Louisiana local Ashley Hudson has been taking on some roles behind the camera.  The Camp, which Ashley wrote, directed, and produced, is now in post-production.

The Camp is a dramatic psychological thriller short film dealing with changing lives, infidelity, mental and physical abuse– serious issues women face in relationships.” (From The Camp Kickstarter website).

Ashley chose to focus on domestic abuse issues because she wanted to highlight an issue that “so many women go through everyday… men as well, but mostly women” in an effort to ask some essential questions.  “Why do people stay?”   “Why do these women stay when they know these [particular] men are capable of [domestic abuse]?”

To deal with this sensitive issue that impacts many women throughout the world, Ashley brought together a team of mostly women.  The Camp‘s other two female producers are Taryn Terell and Lindsey Lienhardt.  The main character, Kiley, is played by Louisiana local stuntwoman/actress Wendy Miklovic, who we’re told helped make Ashley’s job very easy by being able to quickly adjust when being directed.  Other female members of the crew include the stunt coordinator, the first assistant director, the set decorator, craft service, and the still photographer.  (You can learn more about the cast and crew, including the awesomely talented male members, here.)

Making a film isn’t easy, but Ashley has learned to use her resources and familial support to reach her goals.  Her family made up almost half of the crew.  From providing the location, to operating the boat that was being used to film, to craft service and catering, to transportation services, and so much more, Ashley’s family had her back.  “I didn’t even realize how supportive my family as a whole would be, but I think because of what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished in the film industry, they’re way more supportive now and they’re wanting to see what more I can do,” Ashley explained.  And she has had the opportunity to work on many amazing projects, including Furious 7 (2015), Terminator Genisys (2015), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), and Green Lantern (2011).  While working on these projects, she was “a fly on the wall” soaking up information, skills, and getting on the job training to become a director.

castncrew the camp

The Camp by Ashley Hudson Cast and Crew

With The Camp in post-production, Ashley is continuing to work on various productions.  Next up is a stunt acting role on Hunter Killer starring Gerard Butler and directed by Martin Campbell.

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