Woman-Driven “Pitch Perfect II” Wins BIG at the Box Office


We are immensely proud that the cast of stunt performers in the wildly popular remake, Louisiana filmed Pitch Perfect 2, was predominantly women from the Louisiana market. The talented stunt performers from Louisiana who performed in PP2 are Chelsea Bruland, Ashley Hudson, Susan Jackson, Vanessa Motta, Joette Orman, Corrina Roshea and Mallory Thompson.

Last weekend, PP2, with a cast of women leads and woman director, had the highest grossing opening for a musical ever at approximately $70M. It had the highest performing opening weekend for any first-time director, too, with Elizabeth Banks at the helm. There is absolutely no doubt that Hollywood needs to take note. Women driven movies make money.

In addition, PP2 was also the highest grossing film to open last weekend,  dramatically outperforming the much anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road, that scored an opening weekend gross of $44.4M. * It should be noted that South African Oscar winning actress, Charleze Theron, carried Mad Max beautifully.

Buying tickets to see PP2 this weekend was also predominately female at 75%, proving their spending power.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Pitch Perfect 2!




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